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Lunch & Learns / Workshop Series

We believe learning should be experiential. We partner with you to tailor your session(s) so participants feel inspired to execute.

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Digital Marketing Partner

Need a trusted guide able to navigate the digital landscape? We're suited up and ready to take you to the digital mountaintop.

Our Maverick 2.0 Process
Lunch & Learns / Workshops

Rather than the cookie-cutter monotony of the standard training, i am a brand® takes time to understand the hearts of the participants to ensure your training is experiential. We ignite and excite your participants to take action.

Social Media & Customer Acquisition

Social media and emerging technologies are changing the way we do business in the 21st century. Learn specific tactics to develop a winning marketing strategy, focused on community building and customer acquisition.

Video / Livestreaming Fundamentals

Video quickly builds trust and has proven to boost conversions and sales. Companies who incorporate this form of marketing into their customer acquisition strategy, have added 6-figures+ to their bottom line. Learn the fundamentals of nurturing prospects through the sales funnel with video content.

The Art of Storytelling & Audience Engagement

Storytelling draws in the listener and creates an emotional bond by specifically connecting with certain parts of the brain. Learn how to use storytelling to effectively communicate your message and value to the rest of the world so people buy into and from your brand.

The Art of Influence to Profit

Learn how to strategically build your brand and influence to attract the right type of customers that will buy your products and services. Discover real tactics that you can swipe and deploy for your industry.

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