Transform yourself into the Industry Maverick you were called to be….

Would you like to learn the simple technique we used to help multiple clients increase their revenue by 300% within a year?


Are you tired of your personal brand drowning in obscurity?


 Are you struggling to convert your audience into customers?


Do you want to learn how to strategically build your influence to attract the right type of customers that will buy from you?


The Art of Influence to Profit Masterclass enables you to experience massive growth in your personal brand, by transforming you into a well-respected and recognized industry maverick. You learn REAL strategies on how to brand yourself and attract your ideal audience to build a loyal community of buyers.

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What You Learn

In a self-paced course — filled with videos, slides, and downloadable worksheets — you gain lifetime access to the following information:

  • Personal Branding 101 — Leveraging your personal brand to make more money, the keys to building a magnetic personal brand, and the secrets of how to build a cult-like following so people will follow you to the ends of the Earth.

  • The Art of Influence — The simple methods to building and increasing influence. The secret backdoor strategy Jamilah Corbitt used to land a multi-millionaire mentor, and how you can swipe the same formula to connect with influential and affluent people in whatever industry you serve.

  • The Content Marketing Funnel — Understanding the basics of content marketing, how to measure each stage of the content marketing sales funnel, how to define your target audience, building your customer archetype, and the elements of viral content.

  • Leveraging Multiple Mediums — Which social mediums you should use, and how to nurture the connection with your audience to build an authentic loyal community that’s going to buy from your company.

  • Monetization — Finding the right audience, and the process for turning your audience into a cash cow + mapping out your own monetization strategy.

☝If a $397 investment helped you land just ONE 5-figure client, would it be worth it?

Masterclass Instructor

Hi, Jamilah Corbittmy name is Jamilah Corbitt and I’ve been a full-time entrepreneur and brand strategist for 5 years, helping people monetize their authenticity and expertise.

I’ve worked with a variety of clients spanning across multiple verticals, consulting entrepreneurs and career professionals on how to increase their influence which resulted in a skyrocket of bottom line revenue dollars for their companies.

I’ve quadrupled my own influence and revenue over the past year and a half by contributing to sites like The Huffington Post, and livestreaming on platforms such as Periscope and Facebook Live.

In The Art of Influence to Profit Masterclass, I will teach you how to build your audience, and then turn that audience into a cash cow. In one of the lessons, you’ll learn the system I used to help multiple clients increase their revenue by 300% within a year. I’m also sharing the backdoor strategy I used to land my multi-millionaire mentor, and how you can use the exact same formula to network with influential and affluent people within your industry.

The best part about this course is that you can work at your own pace and you’ll have lifetime access to the course materials and ALL future updates. You can’t beat that.

It’s time to STOP playing small. If you’re feeling unrecognized and frustrated that you’re being overlooked, then this is the course for you. I’m committed to helping your transform into an industry maverick. Are you ready to take your brand to the next level?

A few more folks who have implemented the strategies I teach and have seen results.

When I met Jamilah, I needed help with building my personal brand. I wanted to gain visibility and attract new clients. Within the first year of working with her, I had so many prospective clients reaching out to me, that I had to start turning them down. My plate is full, and I have no room to add a single client at this time. I did not expect this much business to flow my way. Working with Jamilah was the best decision I've ever made!

Mike HardenExecutive Coach, Master Chair at Vistage International

We saw a 300% increase in revenue from 2015-16 because of Jamilah. She really knows her stuff! I'm excited to see what more we can do together. My company has grown in influence within our local community that has resulted in the onboarding of more clients and the expansion of my team.

Erin WinstonClinical Director, Jacob's Promise

Jamilah showed me how building trust and engaging my target audience was profitable. For 25 years, I knew what I could do, but never realized how sharing my personal thoughts and experiences could be valuable in attracting new clients. She helped me to become more discoverable to new clients and find my voice in the marketplace.

Christine BondFounder, The X-CEL Group

Procrastination is the killer of dreams. Don’t let this opportunity pass you by because of indecisiveness.


Whoa…you’re still reading! Okay, I get it. I know it can be intimidating purchasing a new course or deciding if it’s for you. I’ve invested in worthless courses and systems that didn’t help me. Fortunately, my proven model has been used to grow my own influence and the influence of my clients, so it works if you’re committed to the process. If you’re not committed to putting in the effort, don’t sign up. But if you are, stop procrastinating and reserve your seat!


You have two options. You can allow the opportunity to pass you by, or you can be decisive and take me up on this offer to let me teach you the techniques that’s worked for me and my clients over the years. I’m looking forward to working with you, so reserve your seat and I’ll see you in class!