Your customized 1-on-1 focus sessions with brand strategist and i am a brand® founder, Jamilah Corbitt, are designed to help you get a clear understanding of your personal brand and business goals. We will tackle your biggest challenges as it relates to building your brand and business, and develop a plan of action that will BOOM you to a more purposeful and profitable life. Each session is jam-packed with specific and relevant information that’s going to catapult you forward. Come prepared and ready to take notes.

I just had the most informative branding session with Jamilah and I feel so empowered! As a pro brand specialist she helped me see what my brand needed from the consumers perspective. Thank you Jamilah Corbitt. Five star rating!

Antwanyce Richardson

Jamilah, I don't know how to thank you. You looked at my sad, much hated website and gave me tangible, specific help!!! You are professional, funny, innovative and KNOW YOUR STUFF!!! 'Thank you' is too weak of a word to express my gratitude. You have given my 'free website' life!!! And given me hope!

Mayra Figueroa-Clark

I found my time with Jamilah very energizing, inspiring, and highly effective. We identified my ideal audience and improved my outward facing messaging to strengthen my brand voice. Jamilah was very informative and knowledgeable, and made the process easy for me to understand.

Valencia Daniel

My branding session with Jamilah gave me the clarity I needed to take action on how to grow my brand and offering my products and services with a clear and concise message. Her extensive branding knowledge and expertise are priceless! I am truly grateful!

LaShawn McKinzie

My session with Jamilah helped me gain focus and clarity in developing my target audience. During our call we developed a comprehensive plan of action to monetize my personal brand and develop relevant content geared towards reaching my ideal demographic.

Clara Debnam

Jamilah is very thorough and experienced in what she does. She gave me invaluable information that’s going to help me take my business to the next level. She's personable, relatable, and knowledgeable. I’m extremely satisfied and feel this is the best investment decision I’ve made in my business yet.

Michelle Brown

I really liked how Jamilah helped me identify my core values, and was able to visually transfer the messaging to make it the center of my brand. She broke it down in a way that would emotionally connect with my target demographic.

Anisha Collins