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Being an entrepreneur is no easy feat, and few understand your path. That's why it's healthy to surround yourself around other stimulating individuals who can relate to you, and will help you stay laser-focused on exploding your growth.
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“As an entrepreneur, sometimes it can be difficult to find like-minded people to bounce ideas off of or to even understand the work that goes into owning and operating a business. i am a brand® has given me a place where I can connect, network and collaborate with other entrepreneurs all sharing similar struggles and successes as an existing business owner and even future business owners. I have formed some great friendships and business relationships here.”

— LaShawn McKinzie, Interior Stylist/Realtor, Accents Home Staging

“The i am a brand® premium network is a powerful example to me of how business should be done in the 21st century. My business has already benefited from the diverse connections of this energetic community.”

— Brian Loebig, Owner, Lobig Ink Web Consulting

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— Janine Cummings, Founder, #BOSSITLIVE™

“i am a brand® is an authentic group of people who are practical and progressive in their pursuit of excellence, not only as an organization, but for each member of the community. You will be hard-pressed to find a more genuine and giving community of business builders who strive and succeed on every level of the game.”

— Dana Winston, Digital Marketing & Customer Acquisition Specialist

“I love the down to earth plain method of dropping BOULDERS, not nuggets, to help others be successful. Knowledge is not power. Using knowledge is power. If you apply the information provided by the community your surely see results.”

— LaTasha Carpenter, Premium Member

“The i am a brand® Community has helped me to not just build my business but to expand in other avenues creating revenue. The trainings and courses offered are top quality. If you are serious about your business and want to grow this community is a MUST!”

— Marlene Stuber Greiser, Premium Member