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“As an entrepreneur, sometimes it can be difficult to find like-minded people to bounce ideas off of or to even understand the work that goes into owning and operating a business. i am a brand® has given me a place where I can connect, network and collaborate with other entrepreneurs all sharing similar struggles and successes as an existing business owner and even future business owners. I have formed some great friendships and business relationships here.”

— LaShawn McKinzie, Interior Stylist/Realtor, Accents Home Staging

“The i am a brand® digital member network allows me to interact with like-minded people from all over the world. As an entrepreneur, networking and relationships are an integral part of success. I check the community regularly. On my phone, my laptop, and my tablet. It’s a great platform and a real #gamechanger.”

— James Clark, Owner, James Clark Photography

“The comfortability of the i am a brand® community is surreal. Everyone I have met thus far through this global networking platform, I feel like I have known for years. To be joined with so many people from around the world in a completely non-judgmental zone pushes my drive even more. I get excited just thinking of all the new people I have yet to meet with the i am a brand® logo! I am a movement by myself but with the i am a brand® family, I am a FORCE!”

— Sherri Jordan, Broker, United Real Estate-Chicago

“Being a new entrepreneur, connecting with business owners here has been an amazing opportunity for me. The i am a brand® community allows me to learn and share stories with others who have been through situations that I may be trying to figure out or who are experiencing similar challenges with me as I begin my journey. Who needs one mentor when you have a community of individuals ready, willing and able to help you become a success all in one place!”

— Takeda McTear, Event Planner, Enduring Expressions

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