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The i am a brand® Community is a global network of movers and shakers. To cultivate deeper connections, our members use a single platform where everyone can converse and collaborate. Our digital member network allows you a central spot to share ideas, pass information, find your next business partner, build a strong network, or just hang out and build new friendships with people from around the world.

Join our communityBuild a collaborative space around your interests. Perhaps you’re an avid consumer of self-development books and want to form a book club, or on a weight-loss journey and want to start an accountability group — our platform allows you the access to create your own private team with others you’ve met within the community.

Message anyone privately. Our platform gives you instant access to any member of our community via direct messaging. If you need to share sensitive information with someone, or desire to continue your conversation privately, you can do so with a click of a button.

Ryver is a cloud-based communication application, and our members are using it to form strong bonds. To gain full access to our community is a one-time $50 investment.

As a global community, we are deeply committed to providing a safe and inclusive environment for conversation and collaboration. Take a peek at our Community Guidelines as proof to show we take our community seriously.

You’re missing out on connecting with many dynamic individuals from around the planet!

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Why is there an access fee?

The access fee exists to protect our members. Point. Blank. Period. If our digital member network was open and free for anyone, EVERYONE would join. Our platform isn’t for everyone, and we don’t want everyone to join. We’re here for people who take themselves and our community seriously, and those that do are willing to make the minimal investment.

Why are there community guidelines?

Our community guidelines protect our members and allow us to have a transparent culture. They are how we keep our community safe from those who would intentionally pollute our environment with their toxic energy.

Are you a business community?

Absolutely NOT! This is the most common misconception. We are an interest-based community, which means we cater to the interests of our members. Our diverse professional makeup is what makes us unique, and the multiple sub-communities within our overall community is where like-minded individuals collaborate.

Do I have to be in the United States to join?

Our movement is global, which means individuals worldwide are calling our community home.

Is daily participation required?

Although we’d love for you to grace us with your presence daily, we do not require you to “check in” with us every day. That would be insane! We understand life gets in the way sometimes, and we never want you to feel like your membership is a burden. However, you’ll be missing all the fun that’s happening within the community 🙂 Remember, our community exists to support you. Because we have an open culture, if life is hitting you hard at the moment, share that with us.

What are people saying about our exclusive Ryver community?

“Communication is the fuel that powers global influence. Ryver is that vehicle that allows communication to flow seamlessly, allowing the i am a brand ® community to engage with one another as a collective in open forums and private teams or as individuals through direct messaging. It is with this platform that I am able to meet like-minded individuals who each believe in creating positive change and connecting the world through POWERFUL messages of non-conformity. i am a brand®…who says there isn’t an ‘i’ in team?”
Angelica Whetstone, Authority Branding Strategist

“Being a new entrepreneur, connecting with business owners here has been an amazing opportunity for me. The i am a brand® community allows me to learn and share stories with others who have been through situations that I may be trying to figure out or who are experiencing similar challenges with me as I begin my journey. Who needs one mentor when you have a community of individuals ready, willing and able to help you become a success all in one place!”
Takeda McTear, Event Planner, Enduring Expressions

“The comfortability of the i am a brand® community is surreal. Everyone I have met thus far through this global networking platform, I feel like I have known for years. To be joined with so many dreamers, believers, and do-ers in a completely non-judgmental zone pushes my drive even more. I get excited just thinking of all the new people I have yet to meet with the i am a brand® logo! I am a movement by myself but with the i am a brand® family, I am a FORCE!”
— Sherri Jordan, Broker, United Real Estate-Chicago,

“As an entrepreneur, sometimes it can be difficult to find like-minded people to bounce ideas off of or to even understand the work that goes into owning and operating a business. Through the Ryver platform, i am a brand® has given me a place where I can connect, network and collaborate with other entrepreneurs all sharing similar struggles and successes as an existing business owner and even future business owners. I have formed some great friendships and business relationships here.”
— LaShawn McKinzie, Interior Stylist/Realtor, Accents Home Staging

“I was listening to my pastor one Sunday morning when he made the following statement; “The only constant in life is change.” I allowed that statement to marinate on my mind a little. Fast forward to today; the platform Ryver embodies such change. It changes the game when it comes to networking and social interaction. Ryver along with the i am a brand® movement allows me to interact with like-minded people all over the world and as an entrepreneur networking and relationships is an integral part of success. I check my Ryver regularly. On my phone, my laptop, and my tablet. It’s a great platform a real #gamechanger.”
— James Clark, Owner, James Clark Photography

“I love the i am a brand® community for a multitude of reasons. For one, joining the exclusive Ryver community has presented many opportunities. I enjoy the culture of transparency, acceptability, and openness. I have been able to connect with like-minded individuals, and as a result, I’m collaborating with a few people on a beautiful project. This is the definition of a better world to me. The i am a brand® platform allows individuals to become the change they want to see in the world today.”
— Nkechi Ajaeroh, Visionary Afriscope TV,

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